ÖSD exams


ÖSD exams


If you are planning to take an ÖSD exam, read the exam regulations below to be ready and know what awaits you.

1. When applying for the German language exam, each candidate receives the original exam order (Prüfungsordnung, Stand: Mail 2020) prescribed by the ÖSD center in Austria, which the candidate is obliged to respect. By applying for the exam the candidate agrees to comply with the exam regulations.


2. ÖSD ispiti dokaz su o poznavanju njemačkog jezika, sastavljeni su na temelju Zajedničkog europskog referentnog okvira za jezike (ZEROJ) i sastoje se od četiri vještine:
– Čitanje i razumijevanje pročitanog (Lesen/Leseverstehen)
- Listening and understanding (Hören/Hörverstehen)
- Writing (Schreiben)
- Speaking (Sprechen)


3. Any person who is not banned from taking the exam can apply for the exam.


4. Prije ispita osoblje centra EUDIALOG ima pravo utvrditi identitet osobe koja je izašla na ispit. Ako nakon kontrole dokumenata nije moguće potvrditi identitet, poduzimaju se mjere koje je propisalo ÖSD središte iz Austrije (Prüfungsordnung, Stand: Mai 2020).


5. Neither mobile phones nor any kinds of language learning materials may be brought into the school during the entire written exam, preparation for the oral exam and the oral exam itself. If any of the candidates bring in any of the prohibited items in the school, they will be removed from the exam.


6. Jackets, bags and other personal belongings of the candidates must be put away in the designated place.


7. Candidates taking B2 and C1 can use dictionaries throughout the exam (C1 monolingual dictionary).


8. Prior to the exam, dictionaries are checked as well. If there is something hand-written within the dictionaries or if they contain any papers, they are immediately taken away.


9. Similarly, if the candidate is looking around or trying to copy the answers from other candidates during the written exam, he or she will be immediately removed from the exam.


10. BREAKS between modules:
a. There are no breaks during A1 and A2 exams.
b. During B2 and C1 exams, there is a break only after the listening module. Candidates may not leave the classrooms between the reading and the listening module.
c. During the B1 exam, the candidates may take a break between modules.
Since certain parts of the exam last up to 90 minutes and the candidates cannot leave the room, the candidates should use the restroom prior to taking the exam.


11. If the candidate completes a module before the time ends, he or she will be in solidarity and will not leave the classroom for the duration of the module.


12. It is mandatory to write the exam with a pen. An exam that is not written with a pen is not graded.


13. All written and oral exams are sent immediately after the exam to the ÖSD centre in Austria, where they are graded. After the exams (both written and oral) are evaluated in Austria, the results are delivered to the test centre in Croatia and then the certificates are printed, also in Austria. The deadline for sending the certificate from Austria to the test centre in Croatia is a maximum of 6 weeks from the date of arrival of the test materials to the ÖSD centre in Austria.


14. In order for the candidate to receive the final certificate (Gesamtzertifikat), he or she must pass the written and oral part of the exam (when it comes to ZB1 and ZC2, a candidate must pass all four modules) at the same exam center and city, within one year. If the candidate passes only the written or oral part of the exam, he or she receives a certificate for the passed part or modules on ZB1 and ZC2.


15. If the candidate does not accept the certificate within 6 months from the date of issue, it is returned to the center in Austria and cancelled.

ÖSD exams - the right to review the evaluation and to appeal

  • Candidates have the right to review their evaluation within 3 months from the date of the certificate being issued, i.e. the date of their exam results being forwarded.
  • Uvid u ocjenu dobiva se na temelju formulara za ocjenjivanje (Auswertungs-, Antwort- und Bewertungsbogen).
  • Candidates may review the evaluation only in person, on the premises of EUDIALOG.
  • Reviewing the score form itself is not possible. It is prohibited to photograph, copy and scan any test materials.
  • Candidates have the right to appeal their evaluation within 4 weeks from the date of the certificate being issued, i.e. the date of their exam results being forwarded.
  • The candidate sends their appeal against the evaluation directly to the ÖSD center, after filling out the form (Einspruch).
  • The candidate may receive an appeal form at the examination center where he or she took the exam.

You can see the exam regulations in more detail here.


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